Indian Blanket Jasper mountains with Honey Calcite sun on Sodalite base

Bloodstone, Sodalite, Moss Agate mountains on Indian Blanket Jasper base

MountainScapes are built with natural stones selected for their striking color, pattern and geological imprint.  No manufactured or processed stone is used.  Suns and moons are translucent.translucen

Tiger's Eye and Septarian mountains with Honey Calcite Sun on Sodalite base

Rhyolite mountains and base with Honey Calcite Moon

Indian Blanket Jaser mountains with Honey Calcite Sun on Landscape Jasper base

Moss Agate mountains with Calcite moon on Moss Agate base

Sodalite, GreenStone, Bloodstone mountains with Honey Calcite Sun on Rhyolite base

Bloodstone, Indian Blanket Jasper and Agate mountains with Rose Quartz Moon on Petrified Palm base